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    Well the July 2019 60″ M.O.M. was a bit of a bust. The race was canceled for lack of participation. This has been the case for about 1/2 the 60″ M.O.M. races I’ve attended in the last year or so.

    The days are not lost as the field is opened to sport fling. Spent most of the day sport flying July’s scheduled race at the slot.

    Man on Man racing is a lot of fun and very thrilling. I have to ask why there is so little interest in this format?

    I suspect it is that racing $350 to $600 ship with the higher than normal risk of mid airs is the culprit.

    In the 60″ class as raced at the Slot (NCSS) the RCRCM Sunbird is very popular as it is in the lower cost bracket and competitive in its carbon configuration.

    I’m thinking that it might be time to make this a one plane event, where the plane is a fast build, low cost and can handle the high winds at the slot.

    I like the idea of Ahi racing. But the Ahi can’t handle the high winds.

    I’m thinking the Blejzyk Spin might fit the bill. It is a rather low cost ship. The downside it that is does need a bit more work to set up than the molded 60″, but not a lot more work.  I’m sure the Spin can handle the winds, as I was flying the light Mefisto (but fully ballasted) just fine in the high winds. I also like that the Spin would allow for some customization such as V tails or cruciform tails, 4 servo verses 2 servo wings.


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