Help wanted to flag Base "A" and Base "B". (Team Select)

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    What kind of a call for help is this? There is no contact information.


    Really many many good folks are not allowed or would in good conscience give RCGoofs the time of day! They  are an dispicable organization with a very sketchy history. This has alienated many good folks. Any organization that wants to reach a dedicated targeted audience should not, can not rely on RCG as a credible tool for the distribution of information. This is particularly true in the todays age of misinformation.


    If anybody knows the organizers they need to tell them to put a call to the near by clubs. And if they feel they need to soil the reputation of the event by using RCG at least provide contact information in that correspondence that does not rely on RCG’s whim to allow access to the communication media (PM’s).


    All the best,


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