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    I’ve been looking at the video from Mike Seto and noticed that the Base “B” lights where often difficult to see.

    While I was setting up the lights I noticed that the light bulb connectors were corroded so much as to make two of the light inoperative. I had to scrape through the  rust to make a connection.

    I see where there was a complaint in a heat that; he never got a light. I was there in the cage and can say that the flagger did push the button, the buzzer went off and I saw the backside of the “green” bulb light up.

    What I can’t say is how bright the light was. I’m questioning the resistance of the light circuit. As I saw a lot of corrosion on the bulb terminals, I’m wondering what the resistance is across the solenoid.


    Another potential issue is placement of the lights (aim). I fear that the lights may not have been aimed optimally. I aligned the lights so that I could see the pilot stand in the reflection of the light lens. I think that as Gate “B” is lower than Gate “A”  and that the lights have a large hood, it might be best to bias the aim a bit high.


    A note on the light bar saying as much might help with next years set up.

    All the best,



    BTW: I was the red flagger for the whole race. So if anybody has any issue with the flagging on “red”…

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