Joining NCSS

NCSS welcomes new RC members, so if you are interested in slope soaring and F3F racing, you should consider joining NCSS. However, joining NCSS is a little tricky because per our By-laws; you must be an AMA member, sign a NCSS Release and fly safely on at least two separate occasions at the SLOT supervised by an active member prior to applying for membership to demonstrate your skill to safely fly and land a RC glider at the site. We do this to verify all potential new members can fly their RC glider at the Slot without risk to themselves and others or our relationship with the Solano Land Trust.

The catch to flying at the site is that although club contests are usually held on the second Sunday of a month, the date can be moved one week or cancelled due to wind conditions.  So the best way to join NCSS is to start going to the NCSS race events that are open to all pilots with an active AMA membership. Another approach is to monitor the Multi-Task F3X thread in the Aircraft-Sailplane Section of RC Groups, or you can reach out to active members and arrange to fly as a guest.