ISR is not currently scheduled (as of November 2022)


Davenport, CA is home to the legendary ISR MoM race which is held in the spring on the California coastal bluffs overlooking Waddell Creek State beach. The race draws competitors from California and around the world. The ISR never fails to provide excitement for both Man on Man racing fans and pilots alike. This year’s Davenport International Slope Race will be held at Davenport on June 8 and June 9, 2019 and is hosted by NCSS, Norcal Slope Soarers Inc., AMA Charter Club #4494. The ISR is only possible due to the kindness and hospitality of Big Creek Lumber Company, NCSS, and all the pilots and workers who help make it happen.

Mission Statement

The event mission is to host the premier MoM race per NCSS Rules (not FAI) at the Big Creek Lumber Company’s landing strip which is just South of Waddell Creek on Highway 1. Each race heat is 8 laps between two or three pilots/planes with a flying start after a 1 minute climb out. The course is 458 feet between bases, 916 feet (
(305.3 yards) per lap or 1.39 miles per 8 laps. We run as many races each day as wind and time allow. Safety is critical to NCSS and is a key part of how the race is run.


The Davenport International Slope Race is held on the coastal bluffs near Waddell Creek State Beach. The flying site is just across the highway from Big Creek Lumber Company . The Registration pages also have a live Google map showing the location Plan your trip from Half Moon Bay (drive 31 miles South) or Santa Cruz (drive 18 miles North) along Highway 1.